our campaigns

Stop Abuse For Everyone is the leading national organization raising awareness on abusive relationships. We advocate for the  need for services for all victims regardless of your gender, race, sexuality, or age. SAFE works to enlighten communities on different types of abuse issues individuals may face that are often underrepresented.  

SAFE was selected as one of only 50 promising strategy programs in the nation to prevent domestic violence by the National Crime Prevention Council. SAFE also works to reduce and prevent bullying, cyberbullying, and other digital abuse, as well as, providing educational information on dating violence and sibling and elder abuse. 

Stop Abuse for Everyone promotes acceptance of others  regardless of what they look like, their race, their beliefs, or their sexual orientation or gender. SAFE has campaigns to bring awareness on numerous abuse issues. 

Funds raised for the campaigns go towards changing the culture and other prevention programs; as well as public awareness and education, a dedicated website, brochures, and additional education and prevention resources and materials.

The goal of SAFE is to put an end to this crisis, to keep children of all ages safe and to create bullying prevention education in schools and online, as well as, create campaigns for other types of abuse such as dating violence, domestic violence, sibling abuse, and elder abuse.

Please join us in our efforts to educate and advocate and most of all to Stop Abuse for Everyone!