Stop Abuse for Everyone offers many internship opportunities for energetic, talented and highly motivated university students and recent graduate students. We strive to make our  intern program equally beneficial to both the intern and the organization. We challenge our interns to work hard, and by doing so, they will contribute to the organizations growth -- while also gaining the experience of managing day to day operations. 

Interns completing the program will receive practical experience which will give them anf advantage when applying for positions in the outside job market. A successful internship at Stop Abuse for Everyone will help the intern achieve valuable work experience that will enable them to gain employment after graduation and assist them in receiving the highest possible starting salary.

For more detailed information, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • Eunbin Elieen Kim Intern Coordinator SAFE
    Eileen Kim
    Fall 2017
  • Gabe

    Gabriel Torres
    Summer 2017
  • Anna Lindsley Safe Social Media1
    Anna Lindsley
    Fall 2017
  • Kirandeep Kaur
    Kirandeep Kaur
    Summer 2016
  • Christian

    Christian Capusi
    Summer 2016
  • Tae ah 2017
    Tae'ah Gupton
    Summer 2017
  • Angela Valladares
    Angela Valladares
    Fall 2017
  • Lindsey

    Lindsey Bega
    Summer 2017
  • Ramneet Gill
    Ramneet Gill
    Summer 2016
  • Aria Headshot
    Qianyun Chang
    Summer 2017
    Damien Santilla
    Fall 2017
  • Diana Brooks

    Dianna Brooks
    Fall 2017
  • Ben Medina SAFE Public Relations
    Benjamin Medina
    Fall 2017
  • Brian Capral
    Brian Capral
    Summer 2016
  • Ashley Graphic Design
    Ashley Calvillo
    Fall 2017
  • Amy Morse 2017
    Amy Morse

    Summer 2016


Our organization offers a variety of internship programs with a variety of benefits and an array of responsibilities. Click on a position to find out more:

Intern Coordinator
Graphic Arts
Information Technology

Public Relations
Social Media
Sales and Marketing
Video Production
Web Development
Community Outreach

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