Philip Cook, Investigative Journalist
Specialized Topics:
  • Battered men: the hidden side of domestic violence
  • Media and domestic violence
  • The research on domestic violence

Mr. Philip Cook is a noted journalist who has received awards for his reporting from the Associated Press and the Professional Journalism Society among others. His work objectively examines and explains relevant research results, the feelings and problems of interviewed victims, and provider and media response to the issue. He has examined scores of national and international domestic violence and family programs and evaluated their potential for helpful replication. His presentations on the subject of male abuse victims have received high praise from a diverse spectrum of society such as "Dear Abby", leading domestic violence experts, attorneys, physicians, law enforcement, and numerous mental health professionals. He has served as a founding board member of Stop Abuse For Everyone, an organization dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence regardless of gender or sexual orientation.Mr. Cook has appeared on numerous national radio and television shows such as MSNBC, Fox TV's "The Crier Report, "The O'Reilly Factor," "Montel Williams," "The Home and Family Show." He is the author of the pioneering book called Abused Men: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence (Praeger,1977). His articles on domestic violence have been published in several publications, including the Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment and the book, Family Interventions in Domestic Violence: A Handbook of Gender-Inclusive Theory and Treatment (Hamel & Nicholls, 2006).