R. L. McNeely
R. L. McNeely, Ph.d, J.D., School of Social Welfare, Univ.
of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Specialized Topics:
  • Research on domestic violence
  • Legal aspects of domestic violence

Dr. R.L. McNeely is a professor of social welfare at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and a practicing attorney. His published books as well as peer-reviewed journal articles have focused upon issues of work and family, aging and race, and on numerous aspects of domestic violence. His work in the field of domestic violence inspired a NBC documentary, "Of Macho and Men," and he has appeared on CBS Morning News discussing domestic violence as a human issue, rather than a women's issue. R.L. is also a Research Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America. He has testified before Congress on the issue of domestic violence, serves as a domestic violence consultant for the US Army and, as an attorney, has successfully represented individuals falsely accused of domestic violence. We are thrilled that he speaks for SAFE. Dr. McNeely is a speaker who will challenge, enlighten, and educate any audience