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Mandy Morrill, Psychologist
Specialized Topics:
  • Long-term consequences of abusive sibling relationships
  • Gender issues related to abuse
  • Both men and women recovering from abuse and trauma.

Dr. Mandy Morrill joined the faculty at Valparaiso University in 2010, and serves as an associate professor of Psychology in the graduate program for Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  Dr. Morrill’s primary research interest involves examining long-term consequences of abusive sibling relationships. Within this sphere of research, Dr. Morrill also studies gender issues related to abuse and has published research regarding male victimization and female perpetration. Additionally, she has engaged in research related to the impact of sibling abuse on interpersonal competencies and self-esteem. Dr. Morrill has presented her research at national conferences and has facilitated a number of workshops for clinicians regarding working with sibling abuse. She serves as the clinical training director for the graduate program at Valparaiso University in addition to her duties as assistant professor. Dr. Morrill has been interviewed regarding her research on abuse in multiple countries and has been a featured guest on Radio Health Journal. Dr. Morrill brings her clinical experience to her teaching, research and supervision as she has practiced in domestic violence shelters, served as a court advocate and rape crisis counselor, and has counseled, as well as advocated, for both men and women recovering from abuse and trauma.