Press Release:  August 6, 2013                           Subject: SAFE Announces New Initiatives

Stop Abuse for Everyone™ (“SAFE”) is a gender inclusive domestic violence information and education 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1999.  The mission of SAFE is to provide information and education to support and assist all victims of family abuse.  SAFE has been endorsed by The National Crime Prevention Council, “Dear Abby” and recognized by the White House as a “National Point of Light.”

A key mission of SAFE is to act as an information source for all victims and concerned friends and relatives to locate non-discriminatory help. Our new and improved website: now provides a state-by-state guide.   

The new website has state-of- the- art functions and hosts a new forum area for survivors of intimate partner and family violence to share their stories and get help from others with similar experiences. SAFE is also now on Facebook and Twitter.

Our FREE printer-friendly brochures for gay, lesbian, and heterosexual male victims of intimate partner abuse are available for all agencies and individuals.

In addition, visitors to the website can count on SAFE to be an accurate center for information and research about family violence. Updates are posted on a regular basis. 

Members of our nationally recognized Speakers Bureau are available for professional presentations and media interviews.  

Stop Abuse For Everyone™ is primarily funded by donations from individuals. There is no paid staff. All donations help. Your donation can made by Internet by clicking on this DONATE.  SAFE is a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization. If you are not a member please join, here.  If you are a member please bring us one new member each year, think of the possibilities.

Much remains to be done in order to ensure the safety and civil rights of everyone to be free from family abuse from any source. SAFE is committed to this mission and we invite everyone to join us.

Press contact # only: (503) 389-2111

SAFE does not operate a hotline/crisis line at this number for individual cases,  please refer to our website for appropriate referrals.